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230 Foam Electrodes by Covidien (Medi Trace)

Medtronic USA

Medi-Trace 230 Foam Electrodes by Covidien

$109.00 $125.00

Affordable Covidien Medi-Trace 230 Foam Electrodes available to buy. The Medi-Trace 230 Foam Electrodes contains non-irritating gel properties that stays fresh out of the package up to 45 days. These electrodes are cost effective monitoring electrode for adult patients. The electrodes are designed to provide effective adhesion and consistent tracings by utilizing a proprietary conductive hydrogel. We recommend this product to ensure the patient’s skin is comfortable when attaching the electrodes. This product easily conforms to body contours and substrate repels fluids.

230 Form Electrodes have a teardrop shape for easy removal from the patient and liner.

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